Chicken is considered as a very healthy and tasty item that augurs very well both in terms of filling your appetite as well as health wise it can give you a nice physique if you consume it on a regular basis. A key thing about this food item is it can be used both as a starter as well as in the main course, and one such item that is quite universally accepted almost all the world is “chicken Manchurian” which is certainly a mouth-watering delicacy that is known for its outstanding taste, essence and flavour.

Prepared with all types of ingredients:

There are no such limitations as to what ingredients can be used to cook this item. It can be cooked with different items as per the tastes and preferences of the individuals consuming it. However, certain basic items are required to give the chicken manchurian killer taste such as soya sauce, cornflower, red chilli, and garlic etc. tablespoon of salt, as required for the dish, which makes it quite a decent item. If you are looking it as a party-food that you can certainly increase the quantity of chilli or sauce as you would prefer but if you are looking to make it at home then also you can decrease the spices to make it for those who are health conscious.

A full family enjoyment:

It is one of the nicest dishes that can be enjoyed quite well with your family and friends on many occasions. Be it anywhere or anytime this is certainly a nice snack that augurs well with Hakka noodles, naan or parathas depends on your choice. This Indo-Chinese version of chicken dish apparently may seem that it is quite a heck of a dish to prepare but it appears not. A well-chopped piece of onion, chilli blend can make the day for you as in regards to this delicacy. It does not require deep frying as well and hence you can forget about a lot of oily stuffed being used in this food. As stated earlier this dish can be a perfect one for a health conscious individual as well.

Being popular from its origination till today:

From the time when it was originated in India, in Kolkata, West Bengal, as well as in Mumbai, it is a popular Indian dish that seemed to have evolved as a form Bengali cuisine primarily due to the presence of garlic and green chillies in this dish which is very common ingredient in almost all Bengali dishes. Prepared with corn, starch, and sometimes with vinegar and soya sauce as well as ketchup, this was actually introduced in the Mumbai Cricket Club, and ever since then, chicken manchurian continues to win hearts of many people all over the world. Be it old or a kid it is very difficult to find a person who is not fond of such a tasty recipe. Nowadays, you go to any Chinese or for that matter even in a non-Chinese restaurant this item is a must in every menu.


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