If you travel, even infrequently, you must have heard of an entity called frequent flyer miles – numerously known as air miles, airline miles or frequent flyer miles. The word is on every air travel related website you visit, and it’s especially obvious on websites of different airlines. Attaining miles and using them has become somewhat of a science in recent times – they’ve been around a lot longer – a couple decades at least but only in the past few years their popularity has gained immense traction. So if a person wanted to get into the art/science of air miles, they’d understandably get slightly overwhelmed. But no to worry, we’re here to help and this short primer on airline miles will get you started on your on mile collecting journey. You’ll be a frequent flyer mile savant in no time.

First things first how do you attain airline miles? That’s simple enough; if you’re part of a frequent flyer program of any airline, and you fly with them you’ll automatically accrue miles for each trip you make. However the number of miles that you gain out of each journey is dependent on many factors including the airline itself, their particular frequent flyer program you’ve joined (usually there are different levels, with higher levels attaining more benefits) and the distance you travel. So be sure to read the fine print when you join a frequent flyer program of an airline, and make sure you join a one which you like.  Best way to buy airline miles online is to search websites which provide this facility and use them.

Now that you have your miles, what can you do with them? For starters if you can gather enough miles you can use them to buy a ticket – or more correctly, exchange them for a ticket. But usually, you have to stock up on a lot of miles for that, especially if you’re considering international travel. Another way to spend them is to exchange them in order to get an upgrade – say from economy to business class. This is one of the best ways to make use of your miles – the upgrade especially before the flight doesn’t usually cost much and if you’re a frequent flyer member you have preference over other regular customers, who are also looking for an upgrade. Business class is bliss, especially when it comes to long haul flights. These are two of the main ways in which most people use their miles.

Other ways include exchanging them for holiday packages, car rentals and hotel rooms. As for the cars and rooms airlines usually have a partnership with hotel and car rental chains which allow you to use your miles in this manner. You can also use the miles to shop online, usually at the airlines special shopping portal. Miles expire so if you are not planning on flying soon, you can use them this way. Again the Best way to buy airline miles online is to look for sites with great deals.


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